Shopa Group

Shopa Group is a trusted savings platform that connects consumers with businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Shopa Group commenced in 1986 offering deals on the back of customer receipts, a concept Simon McCord introduced to Australia, and has since become a household brand name called Shopa Docket. Today, they distribute to over 1300 supermarkets and variety stores across Australia and New Zealand with an annual turnover in excess of $10 million dollars. 

Key Trends and Emerging Opportunities:

– Rising cost of living is leaving consumers searching for opportunities to save money

– 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers specific & relevant to them

– 81% of users engaged in loyalty programs increase their spend

– SMEs are increasingly buying packaged advertising solutions – increasing from 10% of SMEs in 2019 to 50% in 2022

The business has expanded to more than dockets, and now comprises three divisions:


  1. Coupons

    Shopa Group provide print media advertising savings and deals via paper shopping dockets (Shopa Docket) and now print over 1.2 billion ads per annum. Shopa Group have extended the offering to include digital coupons and branded messages through their website, app and social media pages. The customer database has grown to 600k+ registered members and the app has 300k+ downloads.

  2. Marketing Services

    Supporting over 5,000 businesses each year has created SME (small to medium enterprises) demand for access to Shopa Group’s in-house digital and IT marketing capabilities. Services provided to clients now extend to assisting with Graphic Design, Websites, Social Media, Blogs, Google Adwords, SEO and SEM at affordable rates.

  3. Cashback

    For the past two years, the company has moved into connecting business with consumers via cashback rewards and prepaid deals. A $27+ billion industry in Australia, the cashback opportunity represents Shopa Group’s primary growth market. With the rising cost of living Aussies and Kiwi’s are looking for ways to save money more than ever and businesses will be looking for new ways to connect with customers.


Shopa Group are providing their community and supporters with the opportunity to join them on their journey as shareholders at a pivotal point in their growth.


Pioneering Australian Brand with Huge Loyal Community

Having pioneered shopping docket coupons in Australia, the group has grown over 35 years to the household name it is today. This is demonstrated by their community of 600k+ members and distribution of more than 1.2 billion retail offers annually.

Diversified and Profitable Business Model

Operating across multiple channels, and aided by best-in-class customer acquisition costs, the business is projected to grow profitably to a forecast of $17m/$5m FY25 revenue/EBITDA. Their unmatched locally targeted retail offer has developed as a result of 35 years of experience in supporting SME advertisers.

Multiple Growth Opportunities

Having recently expanded into cashback, and marketing services across Australia and New Zealand, Shopa Group see growth in the following channels:

- The cashback market presents exciting opportunities ($100+ billion dollar global industry), working with major Australian financial institutions to deliver cashback to their significant customer bases
- Growing cashback, app and website deals to increase subscriber base across Australia and New Zealand
- Extending marketing services to SMEs further to include international markets
- Transitioning loyal print media customers through to digital channels

Experienced Leadership Team

Simon McCord founded Shopa Group in 1986 and has been its driving force ever since. Having grown the business from the beginning through a number of economic cycles, Simon has demonstrated experience adapting the business model in response to shifts in consumer behaviour and technology advancements. Simon is supported by an experienced, passionate executive team across Sales, Marketing, IT and Operations who have all individually served more than ten years with the Shopa Group.


Shopa Group has successfully pivoted the business whereby digital sales are now currently generating 60% of the company’s revenue and growing. The learnings and capabilities developed in relation to onboarding thousands of SME’s throughout Australia and New Zealand is what sets Shopa apart from their competitors. They are excited about the next stage of growth and welcome their community to join them as shareholders in this unique opportunity.

Shopa Group are ready to scale up their cashback offering to the local SMEs, a virtually untapped market and a $27 billion+ industry in Australia. They have the capability and experience to achieve a market leading position by supporting SME’s right through to major, nationally popular brands.  

By investing in the Shopa Group, you are becoming a part owner of Australia’s most trusted savings platform, since 1986.

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